The Best Walk Behind Salt Spreaders

A salt spreader does a great job in providing you an environment without snow. Adding salt to the snow is a traditional way of removing the snow and requires less effort. A walk behind salt spreader can be an ideal tool to clear the pavement and is easy to use. It has a simple profile and comes with two large wheels. You can easily cover the ground evenly with this great unit and avoid the ice from re-forming on your path.

Earthway 2150 Commercial 50-Pound Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader, Garden Seeder, Salt SpreaderMore detail and price on

If you are then 2150 is the answer. The 50lb/23kg capacity poly hopper is ideal for small jobs or in a situation where you storage space is limited. The 2-position height adjustable handle and“T”-Speed lever provide total operator control and comfort for users of different heights. The EV-N-SPRED 3-hole drop shut-off system ensures an even spread pattern and provides a feathered spreading edge for accurate applications.

  • 50lb/23kg Hopper capacity
  • EV-N-SPRED 3-hole drop shut-off system
  • 175lb/79kg Load bearing capacity – what the frame will support
  • 13″/33cm diameter stud type tires on rust-proof poly rims
  • Heavy-duty Epoxy Powder Coated “Diamond” chassis
  • Super-duty gearbox for long life
  • Debris screen to keep clumps from clogging the shut-off system
  • 2-position height adjustable handle

All You Need To Know About Salt Spreader

  • Types – There are various types of salt spreaders available, and the walk behind is not the only one. However, most of the people prefer to walk behind as it is convenient and durable. Besides, the walk behind model, there is hand carry spreaders which are cheap in price and somewhat inconvenient. However, they have adjustable settings for spreading different types of materials such as seeds, fertilizers, and various other materials. Besides, there is tow behind spreaders available which are better for covering large areas. The carrying capacity is high, and they are used in commercial projects. For regular work, it is always better to opt for walk behind models.
  • Capacity – The most important consideration while buying a salt spreader is the capacity you need. Depending on the area where you will spread the salt, you should buy accordingly. In case you buy a small size, you have to refill multiple times which can be tiring and annoying. You can afford to refill two to three times max, and there is no point in buying a large size because it is unnecessarily will cost you more, and the mobility can also be an issue.
  • Mobility – Taking about mobility, the reason for preferring walk behind salt spreader is the mobility. You can easy move the spreader irrespective of the load that is in it. The tow-behind model is similar, but unless you have a really large area to cover, it is useless to opt for the tow-behind model. The hand-carry models are extremely inconvenient to carry a moderate load.
  • Salt Type – There are various types of salts available to spread on the snow. Not all spreaders are equipped with the design to use any type of salt. Most of them are perfect for fine salt grains. However, some users may opt for other types of salts, and they have to buy the spreader accordingly. Apart from these, you have to keep the storage ease in your mind. You should be able to store it in limited space as most of the walk behind salt spreaders are foldable. Therefore, make sure it is foldable if you have storage constraints. Apart from that, you need to ensure that the spreading or distribution is even so that there is no area remaining intact.

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